Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's the easiest way to make sure a girl stays loyal to her blog?

Put her on bed rest!!! LOL, one thing is for sure...I will not have ANY an excuses about having enough time to blog these days.

Here is a quick recap on what is going on with me and Hallie girl...

Way back in September 2008, I had a cone biopsy done because my doctor found cervical cancer. (This sounds scarier than it actually was...he caught it very quickly and I had the procedure done a week or two later and it was totally gone...and hasn't been back since!) As a result of that procedure, my cervix is a little thinner than average and has to be closely watched during pregnancy. I've been seen every 2ish weeks by my OB. Up until last week, my doctor used words such as "beautiful" and "perfect" to describe my cervix. Well, last week during a routine check up with a different doctor in the practice (mine was not there that day), he noticed that my cervix had gone from 40 mm to 28.9 mm. My doctor always told me that if it ever went below 30 mm, he would put me on bed rest as a precaution. The tricky thing is, doctor's don't necessarily know what the "typical" cervix should be measuring at this point in pregnancy because they don't measure the cervix of a normal pregnancy like they do someone in my situation. What they DO know is that if it gets to 20 mm or below, it is considered dangerous and calls for hospitalization. After meeting with the other doctor and placed on modified bed rest for a week, I was scheduled for a recheck with my own doctor. This recheck was yesterday. Yesterday, my cervix measured at an average of 26 mm. Although this seems like a huge drop within only one week my doctor considers the number from last week and the number from this week in the same ball park and doesn't consider it to have changed much.

Soooooooo...what does this mean for me? ...that I continue to be on modified bed rest. My doctor's first goal for me is to get to 32 weeks because he says that once you reach this point, the chances of the baby having long term disabilities dramatically decreases. After I make it to 32 weeks, my next goal will be 35 weeks. According to Doctor M, a very high percentage of babies born at 35 weeks or after go home from the hospital with their parents. I will continue to go back every two weeks to keep close tabs on my oh-so-frustrating cervix! Once I hit 35 weeks, he will be a little more lenient with my level of activity.

During the ultra sound, we got a sneak peak at our sweet baby girl. She was kicking the whole time making the ultra sound tech chase her around to measure the heartbeat. Her HR is 133. She was opening and closing her mouth and playing peek-a-boo with her hands the entire time. She currently weighs 1 lb, 9 oz! She is a growing girl and we are so so so in love with her already!

My fabulous husband has been waiting on me hand and foot and doesn't complain one bit! Bless his heart! The first week was a little rough on us because he wasn't feeling his best. Now that he is back to his normal self, he has been doing all of the housework, making meals, taking care of the pets, keeping me sane and is at my beck and call for everything I need.

I am slightly overwhelmed to think that I will be living the next couple of months laying down on the couch and in bed. With that being said, I am extremely thankful that my doctor is as cautious as he is and caught all of this before it was too late to prevent preterm labor. I am SO SO SO SO extremely thankful to have such a strong support network. Without the people that are making this process easier on my, I'm not sure how I'd do it!!

Luckily, I am able to do my job from home and I have a very flexible employer. I turned all of my paperwork into HR and met with my boss yesterday to come up with a plan for me. I will continue to work 40 hours a week. Matt set up a lovely little work station for me in the living room so that I can recline and keep my legs propped AND watch TV while working. Today was my first day in my new office space and I have to say,  I'm quite a fan. I was super comfortable all day!

What will I be doing while on bed rest? Well, let me show you! My hubby bought me one of these...

                                an early push present! He said this is what he planned on buying me one anyway (as a push present) but since I am confinded to the couch (other than when using the restroom, eating or showering), he thought I could use this NOW. It should be here TOMORROW! I would love suggestions on MUST READs!!

I will also be doing a little bit of online shopping while on bed rest :) My first baby shower (with friends) is March 18th and since I won't be out and about to get a new dress, I purchased this from Motherhood Maternity...

                                                        Short Sleeve Button Detail Maternity Dress
I love it!! And it should be here very soon too, it shipped today! :)

I'm done being an unloyal blogger and I am very excited to continue doing this!! I can't promise that (at least for the next 3 months) this blog won't be primarily about pregnancy/baby news but I will try to switch it up every once in a while if I'm feeling creative! One of my next few posts will be a tour of Hallie's nursery that I promise last time!

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