Monday, March 5, 2012

Hallie's Nursery!

As promised before, here is a nursery update! First I have to mention, the following picture has been my inspiration since day 1 of find out that we are having a girl.

I fell in love with this from the moment I saw it. I have never been a huge fan of "super baby-ish/themey" nurseries. I like the soft colors in this photo and totally felt this was something that I/we could do!

We purchased Hallie's bedroom furniture (included the crib, dresser, and dresser/changing table) during Babies R Us' Black Friday special. We got a great deal on it and could not pass it up! It is EXACTLY what we were looking for and I think it looks awesome in her room! The bedding is something that we found and liked from Babies R Us but we found it cheaper on Amazon! We are all about the good deals! :)

This is the dresser that we will also use for the changing table :) Ignore that glider for now...I have a more recent picture!

And this completes the main furniture! I love it all and I'm so glad that we were able to find it all as a set for a reasonable price! We did buy it super early on, but like I said, it was exactly what we were wanting and we would have been silly not to purchase it when it was so inexpensive. We didn't plan on putting a mirror in Hallie's room but when we saw this gem at Garden Ridge, we couldn't resist! The lamp was a Hobby Lobby find...L-O-V-E that store (and their 40% off coupons)!!

This rug is AMAZING!!! It is the softest thing you may ever touch/put your feet on! My husband and I joke that we are going to be napping on the floor while baby girl sleeps because it is seriously THAT comfortable. We wanted something like this to fancy up the room a bit. Oddly enough, we found it (also for a great deal...catching the trend here?) at Linens N' Things! Who knew that store still existed?! Not I!

This wonderful chandelier was given to us by my fabulous friend, Chelsea. She had it in a closet at her house for a while and didn't think she was going to be using it because it doesn't really match the decor in her house. We gladly accepted it, polished it up a bit (spray painted it white, before the paint job, it had a more vintage-y look to it), and hung it in the nursery! We are infatuated with this thing and doubt we could have found anything more perfect for our little darling's room. We plan to put a dimmer on it so we can adjust the lighting! Good thing Matt can do handy work like this!
When we purchased our glider from Amazon (we should buy stock in that company...), we were very excited for it's arrival...only to find that the color pink was different than we expected. It was more of a peach-pink, if you can picture that (actually, look in the above picture). We decided to get it re-upholistered and luckily, Chelsea recommended a wonderful woman to do it for a great price! We purchased the fabric (Duck cloth) at Jo Ann Fabrics and she was done with it within two weeks! We justified spending the money to get it re-upholistered because we would like to not only use it for our future children/potential sons, but wanted it to be more neutral so that we can find a good spot for it in our home once we are done having children. I am thrilled with the way it turned out...and it's comfortable to boot!
Our curtains were a find from Bed, Bath and Beyond. We had been looking for curtains for a while but had a hard time finding exactly what we were looking for. I wanted something very plain! Luckily, these were a clearance item...we looked in the right place at the right time!

This isn't the best picture I could have captured but you get the idea. This is above the changing table/dresser. We plan to put photos of Hallie from her Newborn pictures in here! I am already planning what hair bows and things she will be wearing in those photos! I can't wait to play dress up!!

Matt purchased a closet organizing system. Pretty soon this closet will be full...I'm looking forward to washing her clothes and organzing everything.

Her name displayed above the crib along with her potential coming home outfit. The coming outfit could change a million times...especially after I see all of the cute outfits that we will be getting from friends and family at baby showers!
 Lastly, the wreath that I made for the nursery door! It is made out of felt..I am proud of my work because I am not super crafty! It has been recommended that I replace the tiny H with a bigger and different color H. I will think about it but think it is just fine the way it is! :)