Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ABC's of me!

So I lied. I only have one picture to share today...and this was from this past weekend at 27 weeks! Here you go! I will try my best to post pictures weekly with my updates!

And now, ABC's of me! I found this on someone else's blog and thought it sounded like fun!

Age and/or Anniversary: 27 years old, Wedding Anniversary July 16, 2011

Bed size: King!!! :)

Chocolate: Oh my goodness, all of it!!! Honestly, I haven't met a chocolate I don't like

Dessert: Fruit Pizza or anything lemon

Ethnic Background: White

Fear: I am terrified of someone breaking into my house...I couldn't imagine!...and I've discussed with my husband that if this ever happened, we would probably have to move.

Graduation from High School: 2003! Is my 10 year reunion REALLY next year? Holy cow!

Hometown: Born, raised and never moved out of Columbus, Ohio

Instruments I play: None

Job Title: Scheduling Advisor

Kids: I am baking baby Hallie right now :) We CANNOT wait to meet her in JUNE!

Live: North of Columbus in our new home that we built and moved into in September 2010

Middle Name: Nicole

Natural Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Overnight Hospital Stays: Actually was just telling hubby the other day that I've never had to do this! I'm hoping that the first time will be when I go in to give birth to sweet baby girl!

Pastime: Our Honeymoon in Jamaica. I've had many many many good times in my life but nothing will ever beat that week of my life! Love of my life, sunshine, beach, adult beverages, yummy food and relaxation...what MORE could you ask for?!

Quotes: "If God will bring you to it, he will bring you through it" - This has become my new favorite quote as of lately. My family has been through a LOT (health-wise) the past year or two and I truly believe that God will bring us through all of these hardships!

Right or left handed: Right!

Siblings: One brother that I love dearly!

TV Show: Ummm, well now that I've turned into a TV junky...I'd say The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Sex and The City, and Baby Story, lol...wide variety!

Underwear: What about them? Yes, I wear them daily :)

Vacation Spot I Love: Betcha can't guess that Jamaica is my favorite spot I've ever vacationed? LOL...but on a more realistic note, I would love to continue our tradition of vacationing in Emerald Isle, NC with family like we typically do

Weather Right Now: It looks absolutely beautiful outside right now. I'm not sure the temperature but I'm getting ready to take the dog out and enjoy it for a little bit!!

X-Rays: The only time that pops out in my mind (besides at the dentist) is when I broke my arm in elementary school

Ymmy Meals I Make: I'm still working on this...but so far, I think the lasagna that Matt and I made a few weeks ago was the best! I will get back to Pinterest recipes after this baby is born :)

Zoo Animal: Hmmmmm, koala bears!


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